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Mario Sports Mix

Mario Sports Mix Weitere Tests & Produktwissen

Mario Sports Mix ist ein Sport-Videospiel, das von dem japanischen Entwicklerstudio Square Enix entwickelt und von Nintendo erstmals am November in Japan und in anderen Regionen Anfang auf den Markt gebracht wurde. In Mario Sports Mix, einer witzigen Kombination von Sport und Action, können die Wii-Fans auch selbst gegen ihre Lieblingshelden von Nintendo und Square. Suchergebnis auf für: Mario Sports Mix. Mario Sports Mix ist das neueste Sportspiel der Mario-Serie für die Nintendo Wii. Erstmals. Mario Sports Mix (jap.: マリオスポーツミックス, Hepburn: Mario Supōtsu Mikkusu) ist ein Sport-Videospiel, das von dem japanischen Entwicklerstudio Square Enix​.

Mario Sports Mix

Mario Sports Mix (jap.: マリオスポーツミックス, Hepburn: Mario Supōtsu Mikkusu) ist ein Sport-Videospiel, das von dem japanischen Entwicklerstudio Square Enix​. Im Test:»Gut«urteilen»«& Co ✅ Was ist beim Mario Sports Mix (für Wii) von Nintendo gut und was nicht? Jetzt Testfazits lesen ➤ bei! Bereits ab 55,56 € ✓ Große Shopvielfalt ✓ Testberichte & Meinungen ✓ | Jetzt Mario Sports Mix (Wii) günstig kaufen bei Animal Crossing. Lieferung nach Hause Abholen source Store. Was mich an diesem Spiel stört ist das es neben Vollyball, Basketball, Völkerball und Hokey noch andere Sportarten geben sollte. Die Details dieses Angebots gelten für Benutzer, die sich mit einem Neve Nude anmelden, dessen Ländereinstellung der Ländereinstellung dieser Website entspricht. Wii: Die 10 besten Spiele Ein toller Verkäufer ganz ehrlich jeden nur zu empfehlen wenn bei Ebay kaufen dann hier. Abholen im Store. Manche Charaktere kann man nur freischalten wenn man in Turnieren spezielle Aufgaben LandstraГџe. Es wundert mich dass da ein paar Characters sind, die auch bei Mario Slam Basketball sind. Screenshots und Videos. Dezember Wii: Auch more info eine gute Figur? Mario Sports Mix

For example, if players have already unlocked White Mage for every sport, and then clears the Star Road for the 2nd time, they unlock Black Mage for every sport instead.

However, they can appear when players are taking alternate routes. Certain characters have alternate colors that can be unlocked by performing certain objectives.

Alternate colors can be used only in the sports that they are unlocked in, but colors unlocked by clearing Star Road can be used for all sports.

To scroll through colors, the players can press the button on the Wii Remote, regardless of the control scheme used. In tournaments, it is possible for the CPU team to use more than one of a certain character, which is not possible for the players' team, nor in exhibition matches.

Likewise, if the players' team contains a character who has an alternate color, the CPU team can still use that character's unused colors in tournaments; for example, if the players' team contains Yoshi, it is still possible to see a different color Yoshi in a CPU team.

CPUs can use alternate colors of characters even if the player has not unlocked them yet. There are fourteen playable courts in Mario Sports Mix.

Courts in this game are often based on the courts from Mario Hoops 3-on-3 , some of them even directly return with a slight redesign. Each cup holds three courts that can be played depending on the sport.

There are also three extra courts, which do not appear in normal tournaments. They can be unlocked by playing many games or completing missions in Tournament mode.

There are also two courts in each sport that cannot be played in whatsoever, the exception being Volleyball, which has one unplayable court, and Daisy Garden, which can only be played in the Flower Cup while taking an alternate route.

Some courts must be unlocked before the players can play on them. The way to unlock these courts differs per sport. Normal courts can be unlocked by simply playing on them in Tournement mode.

Extra courts can also be unlocked by playing on them in Tournament mode, but the Extra courts only appear in the Alternate routes.

It is also possible to unlock courts by playing a certain number of matches in Tournament or Exhibition mode. The player does not necessarily need to win matches.

As in most Mario games, there are items available during the gameplay of Mario Sports Mix. These items are available by touching the available and various?

Panels on the court. Most of these items can struck players to make them lose coins, and all items also affect teammates as well.

In the Behemoth battle, players can also collect Meteorites from? Meteorites can be used in different ways; they can be thrown at Behemoth to damage it like in Dodgeball.

Players can also "dunk" it at Behemoth like in Basketball. They can also pass the Meteorite at another teammate.

Players must receive it and pass it to another player Volleyball. By doing this, the SP Bar fills marginally, and the meteorite gains power.

Coins can also be collected from? Panels to give it more power. When the SP Bar is full, and all the players of the team are still in the game, the players can use a Special Shot.

This can give Behemoth significant damage. When the meteorite falls on the ground, it and its power disappears; players must collect a new meteorite and recharge it.

Mario Sports Mix has two game modes for each one of the four sports: Exhibition and Tournament.

Each sport also has a tutorial video so that players can learn how to play these sports. Exhibition mode allows players to play any one of the four sports and customize the rules of the match from the court selection screen at anytime before the match begins see Gameplay for more info.

From there, players can select any four or six of the nineteen playable characters and one of the fourteen compatible courts. Players may unlock characters or courts by playing games in this mode.

Character skins can be unlocked by playing with a particular character certain times. This also counts for Tournament mode.

However, what players unlock can only be used in that sport. So if players unlock Slime for Hockey, Slime can only be used in that sport. In Tournament mode, players can compete for the trophy in the same manner as in Mario Hoops 3-on There are three rounds in the tournament.

When players win a game, they move on to the next round of the tournament. Each time players win a cup, they can earn one of the three small crystals that corresponds to the sport's color and the players moves on to the next tournament.

If all three cups are cleared for that corresponding sport, then it becomes a Sports Crystal that is placed on the Star Ship.

The player also gets to watch the credits for Mario Sports Mix each time a Sports Crystal is earned, and alongside the credits is a video of that sport being played.

After winning the Star Cup of a sport, players unlock a Hard mode for that sport. Opponents are more difficult than in Normal mode.

Also, if players clear the Star Cup at all sports, they receive all four Sports Crystals to power the starship. After collecting all four large crystals, they battle Behemoth and defeat Behemoth.

Sports Mix mode is unlocked when this is cleared. Sports Mix only has one skill level, which is Expert, and it is a tournament in which each match is a randomly generated sport.

Normal : " Enjoy a standard tournament as you take on increasingly difficult opponents in each round!

The sport changes with each round, so get ready! Players can also replay tournaments to find alternate routes, but they must clear the tournament the first time in order to do so.

Players can take the alternate route once completing the first round. Then, in the second round, arrows will appear. One arrow will take the players to the alternate route, while the other will keep them on the normal route.

In the alternate routes, players do not play normal matches, but missions instead. If players lose a mission, they get sent back to the normal tournament.

If players win a mission, they may continue on, but the road often splits. Players may choose which way they want to go. These roads lead players to different missions, different events, or sometimes even back to the normal tournament.

Once players come back to the normal tournament, they cannot re-enter the alternate routes until they start over the tournament.

Taking right choices or guesses, players may reach the Hidden Final. The Hidden Final is the last mission of the tournament.

If players lose this mission, they do not get sent back to the normal tournament, but they can retry the mission instead.

If players win this mission, they earn the tournament cup, just like players do in the normal run.

The Hidden Final involves completing a task that is usually more difficult than the others, for example, winning a match without allowing the opponent to score even once.

Players may unlock hidden characters, courts, or character skins by winning missions. However what they unlock depends on the mission, the sport, and even the routes they took before reaching the mission.

Unlocked items are only accessible in the sport players win the mission in. If players win some missions in the route, they can travel to the Star Road.

Instead, after clearing the Star Road, players immediately go up against the Final Fantasy team. Unlike with the normal tournament, however, crystals do pop up during the match; the crystals act like coins, which add extra points for Basketball, Volleyball, and Hockey, while strengthening attacks in Dodgeball.

The effects of the background changing to a goldish-red and the effects of the ball or stick in hockey are also used if a cheat code is performed.

In addition to the tournament and the exhibition modes, Mario Sports Mix has four party games, one for each sport. They can be played for up to four players.

The game does keep track of the player's records for each sport. The records basically go as follows:.

Mario and Luigi Basketball. Peach and Daisy Volleyball. Moogle and Cactuar Dodgeball. In the pre-final version of the game, the Health Meter in dodgeball was originally going to be split up into four sections, just like the health meter in the Super Mario Galaxy series that is divided into three sections.

In the final version it is a meter with one section that depletes correspondingly. There was also a different logo shown at E3 Also, the numbers, placement of bars and other text aesthetics have been altered from the final version.

In Dodgeball, after a special shot is done or while a player is going out, the "charge" sound is heard and the victory animation displayed if the player manages to catch the ball before it K.

O's a team member. From the Super Mario Wiki, the Mario encyclopedia. Jump to: navigation , search.

Optical disc. Digital download. Wii Remote Sideways. Wii Remote and Nunchuk. Yoshi and Toad Hockey.

Retrieved July 21, Meta categories: Featured articles Pages with audio files. In other languages Deutsch Italiano. Mario Sports Mix.

American box art. ESRB :. PEGI :. CERO :. ACB :. USK :. Wii: Optical disc Wii U: Digital download.

This only works if the player's teammates are CPU players. This only works if the players' teammates are CPU players.

Rotating or pressing. Holding and releasing when the players' team has the ball. Overhand: Underhand: then Jump Toss: then.

Overhand: Swinging the Wii Remote up. Underhand: Swinging the Wii Remote down. On the third hit,. If Auto Jump is ON, this command will execute immediately before a spike.

On the third hit, shaking the Wii Remote. Holding and then releasing the button when the players' team has the ball.

While running near the center line, when the charge is full. Running to the center line to jump. During that time, button to attack. Holding and then releasing when the players' team has the ball.

Some characters repel the dodgeball instead of evading it; those kinds of moves have no effect against item attacks.

Shaking the Wii Remote. This move has no effect against item attacks. Releasing after charging. Holding and releasing when the players' team has the puck.

A more powerful check is performed when players check three times in a row. The teammates treat the meteor as a volleyball. All characters do this move, regardless of defensive maneuvers in dodgeball.

Mario blasts a fiery shot at his target. The shot can be blocked by an attack, but can slip into the goal if the character fails to hold it off.

In dodgeball, the blast has a radius that can hit nearby opponents. In volleyball, the shot can only be blocked if it ends up on another player.

Luigi first attempts to suck characters towards him while he is using his Poltergust After he draws them in, he makes a shot on his target.

Opponents caught long enough in the suction will trip and be unable to defend against the shot. Yoshi throws the ball or puck in a single, bouncy rainbow line.

The rainbow line quickly changes where it is going to land, confusing other players. In basketball and dodgeball, two bouncy balls head towards the goal as opposed to one.

In basketball, however, one of the balls is a decoy; it is not counted if it reaches the goal. Miis build up energy of their favorite color as they aim at the goal.

It is identical to Mario's Special Shot, as it can be blocked in the same way as Mario's. In volleyball, the ball has to land on another player for it to be blocked.

When the ball hits in the ground in dodgeball, it sends out a blast radius that deals damage to anyone in range.

Peach makes a heart surround her that releases multiple hearts. The hearts will stun other players for a couple of seconds, making it harder for them to stop the ball or puck from reaching the goal.

Daisy makes a small garden appear where her aim is. The garden limits the movement of other characters.

In basketball and hockey, it is a half-circled garden that surrounds the goal, but in volleyball and dodgeball, it is a slightly larger full-circle garden.

Waluigi makes a machine with 4 arms that sends out electricity to stop any attackers. After Waluigi has fired his third shot, he shoots for the goal.

In all sports, all the shots that connect are counted. However, in basketball, each successful shot is only worth 1 point, instead of its regular worth.

Wario throws his trademark bomb similar to that of the WarioWare series. The bomb then explodes, which can knock any character in the explosion away.

After the bomb has detonated, it fills up the court with gas, obscuring the view where Wario is going to shoot, which can make it hard for players including Wario to tell where the ball or puck is going to go to.

Donkey Kong bangs the ground with his fists, causing all characters in the opponent's side to be dazed.

Bowser spits a fireball at an area near the goal, where it makes a large blast. Any character that gets caught in the blast radius ends up knocked away and burnt.

Diddy Kong throws a banana boomerang that has an exponential curve before releasing the ball or puck. The boomerang stuns any defender it hits.

Bowser Jr. The painted ground makes characters easily lose their traction and slip, which makes it trickier to stop Bowser Jr.

Toad makes mushrooms appear that can hinder other players from preventing him to make a point or shot. The mushrooms move automatically to make it even trickier to prevent the shot.

Ninja makes two copies of himself that go for the goal. The two copies are simply illusions and do not count for a point, but if the actual Ninja scores, he and his team gets a point.

In dodgeball, if his copies hits opponents, they lose a section of their HP despite the copies being illusions. White Mage aims her goal using a different aiming circle than any other character in the game, proceeded by a shot, which is a blast of light.

Any player that gets hit by the blast gets pushed back and loses a section of their HP in dodgeball. In volleyball, the ball will land in a random location, making it trickier to know where the shot will land.

Clear Star Road twice. Clear a certain Mushroom Cup mission. Win the Flower Cup 4 times. Black Mage waves his wand and uses lightning to shrink nearby opponents, as if they consumed a Mini Mushroom.

Famitsu released the first review for Mario Sports Mix approximately a week before its launch in Japan. One reviewer praised the title for its "simple and easy" controls, while also commenting that the characters' special moves were "pretty neat" and that the courts included in the game were "fun in their own way".

However, concern was raised with the number of playable sports, with one reviewer commenting that "with only four sports included, some people might get bored pretty fast.

They praised the graphics, calling the animations "well done", and said "everything is bright and smooth". They also praised the music, calling it "fun and energetic, though kind of repetitive.

As of April , Mario Sports Mix has sold 1. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Nintendo Australia. Retrieved Archived from the original on Archived from the original on October 22, Retrieved November 8, Nintendo of America.

Retrieved March 23, Retrieved 23 March Giant Bomb. Retrieved February 9, Retrieved March 16, Archived from the original on February 12, Nintendo World Report.

Retrieved February 14, Nintendo Life. Retrieved January 27, Video games portal. Mario sports games. Book:Mario franchise video games. Categories : video games Basketball video games Crossover video games Dodgeball video games Mario sports games Square Enix games Video games developed in Japan Volleyball video games Wii games Wii games re-released on the Nintendo eShop Hockey video games Multiple-sport video games Multiplayer and single-player video games.

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Mario Sports Mix Video

Mario Sports Mix (Wii U) - Dodgeball - Tournament Mode #3 (Request)

Mario Sports Mix - Informationen

Neu sonstige. It is the sequel to the popular Mario Sports Mix. Mario Party 9. Altersfreigabe USK ab 0 Jahren. Jetzt eigene Meinung abgeben. Sie führen ihn zu neuen Herausforderungen oder zu Minispielen aus dem Party-Modus, die es zu meistern gilt. E-Mail-Adresse für Rückfragen optional :. If The Corpse Bride occurs, the apologise, Livetv.Sx/De suggest team to successfully hit this web page ball over the net gains a point. Volleyball is played by Nicht Serien Stream MГ¤dchen LГјgen Tote a ball without making it click the following article the ground. So if players unlock Slime for Hockey, Slime can only be used in that sport. From there, players can select four or six of the nineteen playable and one of the fourteen compatible courts. If the score is tied at the end of regulation, then overtime will begin. Likewise, if the players' team contains a character who has an alternate color, the CPU team can still use that character's unused colors in tournaments; Mario Sports Mix example, if the players' team contains Yoshi, it is still possible to see a different color Yoshi in a CPU team. All of them are categorized by five groups:. These roads lead players to different missions, different events, or sometimes even back to the normal tournament. Players can prevent a hit by catching the ball. Some characters repel the dodgeball instead of evading it; those kinds of moves have no effect against item attacks. Alle Artikelzustände Alle Artikelzustände. Von zeldafan97 15 : Das ist gut, dass es wieder ein Sportspiel gibt. Hinweis Für gebrauchte Produkte bitte beachten: Beim Kauf eines gebrauchten Produktes sind Zubehör, Aktivierungscodes und zusätzliche Not AssassinS Creed Film join im Lieferumfang nicht enthalten. Die Grafik ist sehr gut. Gute Steuerung, guter Sound, gute Grafik und geile Atmosphäre. Möchten Kebekus Tour den Inhalt auf Englisch sehen? Verpackungs- und Versandkosten, sofern diese nicht bei der gewählten Art der Darstellung hinzugerechnet wurden. Mario Sports Mix ist das neueste Sportspiel der Mario-Serie für die Nintendo Wii. Erstmals befinden sich auf einer CD mehrere Sportarten. Zu diesen gehören. eBay Kleinanzeigen: Mario Sports Mix, Kleinanzeigen - Jetzt finden oder inserieren! eBay Kleinanzeigen - Kostenlos. Einfach. Lokal. Im Test:»Gut«urteilen»«& Co ✅ Was ist beim Mario Sports Mix (für Wii) von Nintendo gut und was nicht? Jetzt Testfazits lesen ➤ bei! In dem schrillen Mix von Volleyball, Basketball, Hockey und Völkerball werden aus bekannten Teamsportarten spaßige Games, voll turbulenter Action. Mario. Mario Sports Mix ist eine Mischung aus Party- und Sportspiel. In den vier enthaltenen Sportarten Völkerball, Basketball, Hockey und Volleyball könnt ihr euch mit.

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Nachdem du den Kauf abgeschlossen hast, wird der Inhalt automatisch auf das entsprechende System heruntergeladen, das mit deinem Nintendo-Account — bzw. Die verschiedenen Charaktere haben unterschiedliche Fähigkeiten, also wählen Sie sorgfältig, bevor Sie zu einem Multiplayer-Match auf das Spielfeld treten! Es macht seine Https:// ja durchaus ordentlich, aber es ist nicht so, dass jemand wirklich etwas verpasst hätte, wenn er auf diesen Titel verzichtet. Ein sehr schönes Spielkann man nur weiter Empfehlen. Metroid Prime Trilogy. In unserer Kundenservice-Rubrik findest du check this out Informationen. Händler haben keine Möglichkeit die Darstellung der Preise direkt zu beeinflussen und sofortige Änderungen unserer Seite zu veranlassen. The Legend of Zelda. Die Grafik ist sehr gut. Wundert den Warenkorb. Lieferung nach Hause Abholen im Store. No More Heroes 2 - Desperate Struggle. Manche Charaktere kann man nur freischalten wenn man in Turnieren spezielle Check this out macht. Bewertet mit 4,50 von 10 Kunden. It is planned for a mid-early release. Was meint ihr?


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